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Silicone Rubber Sheets

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Silicone Rubber Sheets

Duratuf Silicone Rubber Sheets are composed of Silicone Polymer which is synthetic in nature are offers a wide range of applications. Silicone Rubber is soft in touch, light weight & composite. Duratuf Silicone Rubber Sheets are considered as high temperature resistant Rubber Sheets and are considered to bear temperature up to +250o C. Duratuf Silicon Rubber Sheets retain their electro-metric properties at temperatures well beyond most other rubber and have excellent dielectric properties. These Silicone Rubber Sheets have a high resistance to ozone oxygen and high intensity ultraviolet radiation. Good resistance to oil, greases and a wide range of chemicals, acids & alkalis.

Silicone Rubber can bear very high temperature & can be molded in almost any shape & foam. Silicones have shining & lubricating properties. Silicone Polymer is available in both solid & liquid foam.

Widely used in automobiles to bear high temperature, in machinery for lubrication, food grade silicone rubber sheets are used in pharmaceuticals & medical applications. In electronics industry silicone gaskets are used to resist high temperature. Liquid silicone is used for providing glossy & smooth effect.

Silicone rubber along with fillers & rubber processing chemicals. No carbon or toxic chemicals are used in manufacturing of Silicone Rubber Sheets with the view of their usage in medical applications.

  • Size : As per customer's requirement
  • Width up to 1500mm
  • Thickness : 1mm to 50mm
  • Surface : Smooth on both sides and any other special requirement by the customer
  • Color : Semi-transparent, red or any other color on request.

Technical Specifications
Silicone Rubber Sheets could be manufactured as per the mentioned Properties & Variations depending upon application requirement.
  • Specific Gravity (gm / cm 3) : 1.20 to 1.60
  • Hardness (Shore A, ±5) : 40 to 65
  • Tensile Strength, min (kg / cm 2 ) : 50 to 100
  • Elongation at break, min(%) : 150 to 300
  • Compression Set , at 70°C for 22 hrs (%) : 40 to 45
  • Service Temperature Range : 90oC to +250o C

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